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Glass cleaning, glass cleaning in shops, stores, restaurants, homes and all types of establishments and surfaces or buildings whether inside or outside. We provide a professional cleaning service in all kinds of places.

In glazed areas we use the most precise tools for each type of service, we have special anti-grease products and anti-fog or anti-fingerprint treatment as well as height tools, height ladders and material necessary to undertake these tasks.

In the services offered, periodic cleaning or maintenance cleaning in windows and glass of any size, we have the machinery and utensils necessary to carry out work of any size, tools such as extendable arms or personal height cleaning with rope.

Cleaning of graffiti on any surface with non-aggressive methods, respectful with the environment and safe in its application. Poor cleaning can degrade the materials and devalue it.

Application of invisible, fire retardant and permanent anti-scratch protections. A protected surface better resists environmental aggressions and prevents the paints from entering the support and therefore cleaning them is much easier and faster.

Contracts for the maintenance of free graffiti facades.



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