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Integral maintenance of your Community. We offer periodic or punctual maintenance with the frequency that you need for your installation, we study in person the most optimal budget for your neighborhood community.

Most common tasks when keeping a community clean.

The most frequent tasks that we find in the day to day when performing the maintenance and cleaning of neighborhood and urbanization communities, at the time of elaborating a personalized budget, the following characteristics can be taken into account.

Cleaning and scrubbing of the portal (interior, exterior) together with the stairs and railings is a task that takes place with the frequency of 2 to 3 days according to size and affluence of the neighbors of the community, keeping the visible area clean as the landings, access areas, mirrors and entrance glass, decoration and interior patios.

All these tasks are the daily tasks that we carry out in a community normally, we adapt to the different communities of neighbors, our cleaners have a complete and adequate cleaning team for each type of community depending on the size of the facilities we will elaborate a work plan adjusted to each case.

Also every year it is recommended to clean, polish and maintain floors, we maintain the communal floors of the staircase, as well as interior patios and common areas or “hall” of entrance, in case of carpets, seats or sofas of entrance and reception areas that we brush and aspire with professionals eliminating all types of remains adhered to the furniture with special machinery that we have and with which we manage to minimize the final time of work and reducing the final price of cleaning.

Other of the tasks that we offer is a complete community garbage collection service, we collect the garbage generated in your community on a daily basis.

We manage all the work you need with quality and trust, our staff works throughout the Region of Murcia, we are a company with extensive experience in this sector.



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